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In the Cohasset Village Parking Lot

14 Parking Way

Cohasset, MA 02025

Telephone (781) 383-6936

Repairing an item in todays economy can have a positive effect on your budget and the environment as well. Many items today are not manufactured to be repaired as companies would prefer to have you throw out the broken item and buy a new one.  This doesn't help in our shortage of landfills, energy use, or  consumption of raw materials. So before you toss that old lamp in the trash think about getting it repaired. 

We are a classic "Fix It Shop" located in Cohasset Village. A brief list of our services can be found on the "Service" page.  Our shop hours are 9AM to 4PM Tuesday thru Saturday.  We have reserved the afternoons to make house calls for customers who desire handyman services at home. If these hours are not convenient for you, please give us a call or leave us a note and we will find a way to accommodate you.  It is our goal to offer the best service we can.